Going Native with OpenStack Centric Applications: Overview

Cloud infrastructure is useless without applications running atop, providing business servi
ces and solving customer needs. So, as applications ascend to the throne as the rightful king of cloud

  • Application Blueprint Designer – Merlin
    • RavelloSystems, UrbanCode, CliQr, Prime Service Catalog*…
  • Application Lifecycle Management PaaS – Solum
    • Similar technologies (ALM) – Atlassian Suite, HP ALM, Cloudpipes, Serena…
    • Similar technologies (PaaS) – Openshift, Cloud Foundry, BlueMix, AppScale, Heroku, App Engine…
  • Application Catalog – Murano
    • Similar technologies – AppStack, CliQr, ITApp, AppDirect…
  • Application Stack Provisioning – Heat, Magnum
    • Similar technologies – AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Kubernetes, GearD, Warden, Fleet, MaestroNG, CliQr, Nirmata…
  • Application Containers – Docker
    • Similar technologies – OpenVZ, Linux V-Server, FreeBSD jails, AIX Workload Partitions and Solaris Containers
  • Application Configuration Management – Puppet, Chef
    • Similar technologies – Heat, Salt, Ansible, Satori*…

OpenStack Centric Applications - Project Focus and Relationship


Source: http://blog.gingergeek.com/2014/11/going-native-with-openstack-centric-applications-overview/


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