Great Vancouver Summit Talks on OpenStack High Availability(HA)

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I’m happy to update that my talk proposal “Deep Dive Into a Highly Available OpenStack Architecture” for the OpenStack Summit Vancouver was accepted, Thank you all who voted! Make sure to mark it on your event schedule on Sched.

Vancouver OpenStack Summit will host numerous great sessions this time on High Availability, with deep dive sessions into the various components and sharing real world experience running in production environments.

This list summarizes Vancouver summit talks focusing on High Availability:

High Availability Architecture

Deep Dive Into a Highly Available OpenStack Architecture

Real World Practices

Highly Available OpenStack: From Theory to Reality

Lessons learned on upgrades: the importance of HA and automation

Providing OpenStack Service High-Availability Through Anycast Routing

HA Infrastructure Talks

Pacemaker: OpenStack’s PID 1

MariaDB Galera cluster : Best practices

HA Storage Talks

Keeping OpenStack storage trendy with Ceph and containers

DRBD9 for OpenStack

The Road to Enterprise-Ready OpenStack Storage as Service

HA Networking Talks

Highly Available, Performant, VXLAN Service Node

IPv6 impact on Neutron L3 High Availability

High Availability and Resiliency Testing Strategies for OpenStack Clouds

Bonus Session:

The life of an OpenStack contributor in animated GIFs – Chmouel, Flavio and Emilian, you guys are awesome submitting this talk, looking forward to it!


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