Nova-Docker on OpenStack RDO Juno

As previously mentioned the Docker driver for Nova is currently out of Nova’s tree which means you won’t get it when installing OpenStack. This post discusses how to clone the out-of-tree Nova-Docker driver from GitHub, install it and configure Nova and Glance to use it with RDO on CentOS7.

This short blog post is about how to get Nova-Docker working on an OpenStack RDO Juno deployment on CentOS 7.

yum install docker-io -y
 yum install -y python-pip git
 pip install -e git+
 #git clone
 #cd nova-docker/
 cd src/novadocker/ 
 git checkout -b pre-i18n 9045ca43b645e72751099491bf5f4f9e4bddbb91
 python install
 systemctl start docker
 systemctl enable docker
 chmod 666 /var/run/docker.sock
 mkdir /etc/nova/rootwrap.d



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