OpenStack User Survey: November 2014

Now, when the OpenStack Summit Paris is officially over, and everyone of the ~5,000 participants are home and (hopefully) safe, the semi-annual user survey is released and there are some quite interesting facts in it.


OpenStack is finding it’s way into more and more production environments with a major bump of about 10$ from the previous survey, where OpenStack in now 46% in production use. Another interesting trend to notice here is the desegregation of Dev/QA and PoC use, which means that probably some portion of these deployment stages were migration into production use after gaining trust.


What are users doing with OpenStack? This is interesting in particular as it illustrates the common use cases for OpenStack today. It’s seems that the most common use cases, not surprisingly is Web Applications, which are relatively easy to suit and adopt to be run on OpenStack instances. what stroke me by surprise here is to find Databases workloads in the 3rd place which makes me believe users are trusting OpenStack to run their classic enterprise workloads.



Its seems that NFV was that hot buzz word of this Cycle, and really shows that 10% of OpenStack’s adoption is by the telco industry.


And it’s good to see that at least some of the users are honest when they complete the survey

What do you like about OpenStack?

“$$$$$$$$$$ Cha-ching best resume buzzword ever!”

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